Editing Existing Reports

To access the Data Entry/Editing module of ORPS:

  1. Select Data Entry from the ORPS main menu.

    The initial ORPS Data Entry Selection screen will be displayed, as shown below:

    Initial ORPS Data Entry Selection Screen
    ORPS Data Entry Selection Screen

To Edit an Existing Report:

  1. Select a report from the Report dropdown menu of the ORPS Data Entry selection screen.

  2. Select the Edit button. The report will be displayed.

  3. Modify the data as required, and click the Save button.

    Click here for a description of the fields of the ORPS Data Entry Form to assist you with the editing process.

To Sort lists of Non-Final reports and approve them for editing:

Non-final reports include any report that has been submitted at least once, and has not yet been accepted/approved as final. This includes Notification and update reports as well as reports that have been rejected and await revision and resubmission.

  1. From the ORPS Data Entry Selection screen, select the Number, Title, Date, or Status button to specify the report column that will be used to sort the listed reports.

    A list of Non-Final reports will be presented, and will be sorted on the selected column, as shown below:

    List of Non-Final Reports Sorted by Report Number
    List of Draft Reports

  2. To approve a report for editing and finalizing, select the checkbox to the left of the report, and click the Copy Selected Reports to Work Area button.

    The report will be copied to the Reports dropdown list on the Data Entry Selection screen. These reports may now be edited and finalized.

  3. To return to the previous screen, click the Back to Previous Screen button.

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