ORPS Distribution Reports

ORPS contains 59079 OR(s) with 62389 occurrences(s) as of 10/21/2021 1:32:41 AM
Query selected 70732 OR(s) with 74046 occurrences(s) as of 10/21/2021 1:32:41 AM

Distribution Reports
Operations/Field Office
Occurrence Category (B) Significance Category (A)
Nature of Occurrence (B) Reporting Criteria (A)
Direct Cause (B) Cause Codes (A)
Contributing Cause(s) (B)
Root Cause (B)
Subcontractor Involved (Yes/No) (A)
Regional Office Subcontractor Name (A)
Contractor Report Type
Facility Activity Category
DOE Secretarial Office Facility Function
Discovery Yr/Qtr HQ Keywords (B) HQ Keywords (A)

(B)Before 2003 Redesign
(A)On/After 2003 Redesign

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