The ORPS User's Manual has been prepared to provide you with basic information on using the various features of the system. This manual is intended to provide information that will enable you to quickly become comfortable with the form and functionality of ORPS. Below are the individual workbooks for self study or training aids. The file formats available include both MS Word and PDF versions of the ORPS Reference Manual.

ORPS on-line help also contain information about the features of ORPS. Users are encouraged to use this resource to become familiar with ORPS.

ORPS User's Manual

Introduction PDF MS Word
System Access PDF MS Word
Data Entry (Facility Managers/Preparers Only) PDF MS Word
FM, FR, and PM Functions PDF MS Word
ORPS Search Techniques PDF MS Word
ORPS Report Techniques PDF MS Word
ORPS Authority File PDF MS Word
HQ Categorization (HQ Staff Only)PDFMS Word
ORPS Online Help and Training Assistance PDF MS Word
ORPS Causal Analysis Tree PDF MS Word
ORPS Manual 231.1-2 Revision 19 - Final PDF MS Word
ORPS Reporting Criteria PDF MS Word

ORPS Help Table of Contents ORPS Help Index