Editing the Authority file

If you are an Authority File Administrator at one or more facilities, then you will have the right to edit the Authority file for those facilities only.

To edit an Authority File:

  1. Select your facility from the facility scrolling list.

  2. Define other search criteria as desired.

  3. Select the Authority radio button.

  4. Click the Search command button.

The Authorities Report will be displayed, as shown in the image below. Note that in this Authority Report, the telephone numbers may be edited. You may only edit the authority report if you have modification authority for a facility.

To edit the telephone number:

Highlight the existing telephone number, and type the new telephone number in the phone number field.

Editing the Authority File

To remove a user from the Authority File:

  1. Click the Remove checkbox beside the user to be deleted.

  2. Click the Update Info command button.

To add a user to the Authority File:

  1. Click the Add command button.

    The Authority Report will be redrawn to include the following new user fields, as shown in the image below:

    User ID - Enter a user ID for the new user
    User Type - Select the type of user from the dropdown menu Administer - Select Yes if the new use is to be granted Administrator privileges. Otherwise select No.

  2. When all the new user information ahs been completed, click the Update Info command button.

    Entering a new Facility Manager