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The ORPS direct access user's manual, ORPS Direct Access Using Microsoft Query, introduces you to the direct access of the Occurrence Reporting and Processing System. It discusses the registration process, security issues, and how to set-up your PC for ORPS direct access with Microsoft Query. It teaches the basics of Structured Query Language (SQL) and how to use Microsoft Query. The ORPS database schema is also included in the manual.

The user manual is in MS Word format (doc) and can be downloaded by clicking on the User Manual (MS Word) hyperlink. It is also available in Portable Document Format (pdf) to be viewed with Acrobat Reader by clicking on the User Manual (pdf) hyperlink.

Direct Access User's Manual (MS Word)

Direct Access User's Manual (pdf)

ORPS Direct Access Installation

ORPS Direct Access is the new advanced search capability provided to replace the capabilities that were available with the Visimage software on the HP. In an earlier survey, most advanced ORPS users indicated that direct Structured Query Language (SQL) access to the database would fill their needs. Therefore, ORPS Direct Access is the capability of direct SQL access to ORPS.

To directly access ORPS data, ODBC drivers and Oracle client utilities must be installed and configured on your PC.

You can download the Windows 95 or 98 installation program by clicking on the Windows 95 or 98 hyperlink below, or you can download the Windows NT installation program by clicking on the Windows NT hyperlink. It will require approximately 60 MB of disk space to install the drivers and client utilities. In addition, the installation process will temporarily require an additional 60-90 MB (120-150 MB total) for the storage of temporary files. This additional space will be freed up after the installation is complete.

Windows 95 or 98

Windows NT

Windows 2000 or XP

ORPS Direct Access Templates

DOE is developing Microsoft Query templates that will assist you in creating your own queries of the ORPS database. You can use these queries directly from Microsoft Query or you can modify them to add other selection criteria or fields. In addition, the templates can be executed from within Microsoft Excel or another application that provides additional computational and formatting capabilities.

In order to use these templates, they must be downloaded to your personal workstation. Descriptions of the templates and instructions for downloading them can be viewed by clicking on the ORPS Direct Access Templates hyperlink below. Similar information is also found in the User's Manual.

Many of these templates utilize special functions to provide additional capabilities not directly available from a simple SQL query. Unlike the templates, these functions reside on the ORPS server, and you cannot modify them or create new ones. However, you can use them to create your own queries or templates. These functions can be viewed by clicking on the ORPS Direct Access Functions hyperlink below.

ORPS Direct Access Templates

ORPS Direct Access Functions

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