ORPS Distribution Reports

To create ORPS distribution reports from search criteria:

  1. Define your search criteria as discussed in the following Help panels:

    Specify New Database Search Criteria

    Search on OR Number

  2. Save your search profile as discussed in the following Help panel:

    Saving Search Criteria as a Profile

  3. Click the Finished Searching, Go To Report Options command button to go to the Report Options screen.

  4. From the Report Options screen, select Distribution from the Report Type selection box.

  5. Select the Prepare Report command button.

To create ORPS Distribution Reports from the Entire Database:

  1. Select the Create Distribution Reports on Entire Database option of the ORPS Search and Reports Main Menu.

    The ORPS Distribution Reports selection screen will be displayed, as shown below.

  2. Select the checkbox beside the distribution report you wish to generate and click Prepare Report.

    Distribution Reports Selection Screen
    Distribution Report Selection Screen

    Selected occurrence reports may be distributed based on one or more of the following data fields: Singificance Category, Cause Codes, ISM, Nature of Ocurrence, Operations/Field Office, HQ Keywords, Area Office, Contractor, DOE Secretarial Office, Facility, Activity Category, Facility Function, Subcontractor Involved, Report Type, Occurrence Category, Contributing Cause(s), Root Cause, Direct Cause, or Discovery Year/Quarter. Field names marked with "B" pertain to data entered prior to the ORPS redesign. Field names marked "A" pertain only to data entered on or after the ORPS redesign.

    An ORPS Distribution Report distributes records by taking the results of your search profile and separating them into the category or categories you specify.

    Note that the bottom of the Distribution Report contains hyperlinks to represent the information Graphically.

    To incorporate a graph into a document, click on the graph with the right mouse button and select Save Image As from the menu. Saving the graph as a GIF file will allow you to insert it as a picture into a Word document or Excel spreadsheet.

    The Data link presents the information in a format that is easy to “copy” and “paste” into a spreadsheet application (e.g., Excel) to create additional (and possibly more sophisticated) graphics reports. This table contains the count of occurrences and reports for each of the major categories in the distribution, along with the category identification. To print the report, choose Print from the File menu. Follow the prompts on the Print dialog box for your local network printer. An example of an ORPS Distribution Report is shown in below:

    ORPS Distribution Report by DOE Secretarial Office
    sample distribution report

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