What is the preferred way of exiting the ORPS GUI application?

Since the ORPS GUI is now an Internet-based application, there is no official "log-off" process. To exit the application, you will need to close your browser session by selecting Close from the browser's File menu or by clicking on the Exit (the X) button at the top, right corner of the browser window.
When entering discovery, categorization, and notification dates and times, what time zone is used by the ORPS Data Entry system?

User-entered times are based on the location of the Facility at which the occurrence occurred (and the facility table), not on the location of the User who is inputting the occurrence.
How do I print a copy of a report from the Data Entry system?

A printed copy may be produced by clicking on the PRINT button at the bottom of the data entry input form which brings up a viewing window. From the menu on the viewing window, select Print from the FILE menu. Click on the OK command button from the printer specification window.
How can I save (or download) an occurrence report to disk from the Data Entry system?

Click on the PRINT button at the bottom of the data entry input form which brings up a viewing window. From the menu on the viewing window, select Save As from the FILE menu. From the SAVE IN drop down list, select the directory into which you wish to save the file. Enter a file name with a .TXT extension into the FILE NAME edit box. Click on the SAVE command button.
How do I incorporate the spell checker software?

For further information and instructions on obtaining, installing, and using the WordScribe spell checker, access the WordScribe on-line help.
After drafting or editing a report in the Data Entry system, how do I return to the Data Entry Home Page to work on another report?

The DATA ENTRY HOMEPAGE command button at the bottom of the data entry input form is used for this function. This command button does not automatically save the report; therefore, don't forget to save the report (if necessary) with the SAVE command button before exiting the data entry form. If not, any additions or modifications made to the report since the last SAVE command will be abandoned.
In the Data Entry system, how is the Facility Manager/Designee selection box populated?

The FACILITY MANAGER/DESIGNEE drop-down list is populated from the ORPS Authorities file. There is a free-form input box next to the drop-down list if alternative entries are necessary. Entries into this free-form input box are not reflected in the ORPS Authorities file; they are saved only with the current report. By selecting a facility manager name from the drop-down list, the MANAGER PHONE and JOB TITLE fields will be filled in automatically, but may be modified if necessary. A selection made from the drop-down list will override any information entered into the alternative input box.
What is the proper procedure for making multiple selections from multiple selection boxes within the Data Entry system?

If more than one selection is allowed from a selection box within the Data Entry system, you can make multiple sequential or multiple nonsequential selections.

You can select multiple sequential choices by holding down the left mouse button and dragging the mouse pointer over the range of choices, or by clicking on (selecting) your choice at one end of the range, moving to the other end of the range, and holding down the [SHIFT] key while clicking again with the left mouse button.

To select nonsequential items (or deselect an item), hold down the [CTRL] key while clicking on the desired choice(s) with the left mouse button.
In the Data Entry system, the fixed-length, free-form input boxes allow you to change the information; however, in order to do that, you have to actually clear the field first. Is there a way that when you tab into the input box, that the text is already highlighted so that when you begin typing, the old text is deleted as with other Windows applications?

Form functionality within a browser differs from Windows application forms. Although the text is not highlighted automatically upon tabbing into the field, you can quickly highlight the text in the entire edit box by doing a [SHIFT]+[HOME] if the cursor is positioned at the end of the box, or [SHIFT]+[END] if the cursor is positioned at the beginning of the edit box.
When will my password on the production GUI expire?

Your password will expire 6 months after you set your new password. At that time, the password will be inactivated and you will have to contact the Help Line at 1-800-473-4375 to reactivate your password and user id. A specific password policy for the new registration program is being developed and will be published when it is complete.
What browser will I need?

Netscape 4.08 or higher is the recommended browser for ORPS. Internet Expolorer 4.01 or higher may work with ORPS, but has not been extensively tested with the new features and data entry module.
How can I access History reports that have been available on the HP 3000?

The HP history data will be archived on the ORPS GUI server. Users will not have direct access to the history reports prior to 3/1/97. The Data Analysis and Reporting Analysts at SCIENTECH can help users get information from this archive until a user interface is developed (if sufficient need is determined). A new History report is available on the ORPS system, and shows all previous versions of each selected OR.

The history reports that have been available on the GUI since its initial production will still be available from the GUI. History for almost all reports since 3/1/97 are available on the GUI. In cases where two changes were made on the same day, only one change will be reflected in the History report.

You can currently access historical records using the ORPS GUI Search and Reports FROM/TO DB AS OF feature and view any version of the record. An exercise describing this feature is available in the Search and Reports User Manual.
How do I get access to the Data Entry module?

If you are not a Facility Manger (FM), Facility Manager Designee (FMD) or a Preparer, the Data Entry hyperlink will not appear on your ORPS menu. Only FMs, FMDs and Preparers will have access to the Data Entry Module.

However, you can access the training database by selecting the Training hyperlink from the ORPS Home Page. This will enable you to logon and experiment with various user classifications within a simulated environment.
How do I get access to the Direct SQL Access?

If you are a current ORPS user, contact the helpdesk to request Direct Access. You will be added as a Direct Access user. You will need to install the ODBC drivers and ensure that you have Microsoft Query installed on your local machine. The helpdesk can assist you with the installation and configuration of ODBC drivers.
My registration information is not correct (i.e. address, title, phone number, e-mail address).

Authority information will still have to be modified via a written request to the helpdesk. Users will have the ability to verify and correct their information when they log onto ORPS. The Title is assumed to be the user's job title and not necessarily his or her system specific (e.g. ORPS, CAIRS,or NTS) title. Please update your title to reflect your job title.
How do I register to become an ORPS user?

You can register for ORPS two different ways: Download the ORPS Registration Form from the following URL: http://tis.eh.doe.gov/web/oeaf/orps/orps.html

Or call the Help Line at 1-800-473-4375 and they will assist you in completing a registration form.

The completed registration form must be signed by your manager and FAXED to the Help Line at 1-800-473-4375 so they can enter your registration information.
Will the system convert 2 digit years to the correct 4 digit year?

You should enter all dates in the format specified for that field. All dates in ORPS require a 4-digit year (MM/DD/YYYY) to be Year 2000 compliant.
If I make a mistake entering the report data and don't find the mistake until after I've submitted the report, how do I correct the mistake?

The preferred method is to submit an Update report with the change. However, certain fields cannot be changed via an Update report. If unsure, please contact the Help Line at 1-800-473-4375 to report the data change. You may be advised to e-mail your change request to the ORPS Data Administrator, Warren Peterson (wpeterson@scientech.com), or FAX a written request to correct the mistake.
If I find a discrepancy in the data, how do I get it fixed?

Contact the Help Line at 1-800-473-4375. The discrepancy will be investigated and corrected if necessary.
Is there an 800 number I can use to access the ORPS data when I'm on travel?

Yes, there is a toll-free number which provides you with dial-up access -- it is (800) 359-7863. This number dials into a modem pool provided by DOE Technical Information Services (TIS). When accessing the Internet through the toll-free phone number, you will be required to provide a TIS network access user-id and password. This will connect you to the modem pool. (The TIS user-id and password can be obtained from the Help Line at (800) 473-4375. The TIS user-id and password are not to be confused with your ORPS user-id and password.
Is there a training class I can attend?

Yes, the annual ORPS Workshop is usually held every April or May. Contact the Help Line or check the ORPS Home Page for current events. Additional training may be conducted throughout the year as deemed necessary. You may contact the Help Line at 1-800-473-4375 to arrange for custom training at your own site.
Can an instructor be sent to our site to teach the new system to our people?

Contact Mary Cunningham to coordinate on-site training at your facility. Experienced analysts and instructors are available for custom training at your site.
How do I get access for multiple contractors for which I am responsible?

The new registration process allows assignment of multiple contractors to one user. Contact the Help Line at 1-800-473-4375 to modify or add the contractors for which you are responsible.

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