Generic Lag Report

To create a Generic Lag Report from search criteria:

  1. Define your search criteria as discussed in the following Help panels:

    Specify New Database Search Criteria

    Search on OR Number

  2. Save your search profile as discussed in the following Help panel:

    Saving Search Criteria as a Profile

  3. Click the Finished Searching, Go To Report Options command button to go to the Report Options screen.

  4. From the Report Options screen, select Generic Lag from the Report Type selection box.

  5. Select the Prepare Report command button.

The ORPS Generic Lag report options screen will be displayed, shown in the image below:

Generic Lag Report

Select an option from column 1 (From) and column 2 (To), and choose a data format (Mixed, Hours, or Days). Click the Prepare Report button. An example of a Generic Lag report that includes data from Initial Update to Latest Update and is presented in both days and hours (mixed format), is shown below.

Generic Lag Report

Click on a report link to view the report.

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