Note: These designations are used only for data entered prior to the ORPS redesign.

Group 9 - Nuclear Explosive Safety

Any nuclear explosive occurrence at DOE facilities or during onsite or offsite nuclear explosive transportation.

Unusual Occurrence

  1. The unauthorized introduction of electrical energy into a nuclear explosive.
  2. The unauthorized compromise of a nuclear explosive safety feature when installed on a nuclear explosive.
  3. Damage to a nuclear explosive that results in a credible threat to nuclear explosive safety.
  4. Inadvertent substitution of a nuclear explosive for a nuclear explosive-like assembly (NELA) or vice versa.
  5. A violation of a nuclear explosive safety rule (NESR).


  1. A "near miss", i.e., a situation that could (but did not) result in a credible threat to nuclear explosive safety.
  2. A violation of the two-person concept of operations.
  3. Revocation of the Personnel Assurance Program (PAP) certification of an individual (for cause).
  4. Damage to a training unit during training operations indicative of a hazard to a nuclear explosive.
  5. The use of uncertified personnel or unauthorized equipment/tooling during a nuclear explosive operation.

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