ORPS GUI on-line help files are available to you via the HELP hyperlink found on most ORPS GUI pages or via the question mark icon (). On-line help addresses both the use of a web browser and the use of the ORPS GUI pages. The HELP hyperlinks take you directly to the ORPS Help Table of Contents page. The context-sensitive help icon () provides help for the topic located next to it.

Even though the ORPS help files are hyperlinked directly to the ORPS GUI application, you need to understand that when you access help, you essentially leave the ORPS GUI application while using on-line help. You do not log off of ORPS; you simply exit the application temporarily. It is important to understand this because you could potentially lose search criteria you may have created before accessing on-line help if you don't return to ORPS correctly.

To return to the ORPS page from which you initiated the ORPS help, you can click on the browser BACK button once for each help page accessed. Alternately, you can also click directly on the originating page from the history list found under the browser GO menu.

In addition to using the ORPS on-line help utility, you also have access to the ORPS GUI User's Manual.

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