OR Download Report

To create the OR Download Report:

  1. Define your search criteria as discussed in the following help panel: Specify New Database Search Criteria

  2. Click the Save This Search Criteria as a Profile command button to save your search profile, as discussed in the following help panel: Saving your Search Profile. If you are using a saved search profile, select the profile from the Available Profiles selection box.

  3. Click the Finished Searching, Go to the Report Options command button to go to the Report Options page.

  4. Select the OR Download report from the Report Type selection box.

  5. Click the Prepare Report command button. The OR Download report will be generated, as shown in the sample below:

    This report allows you to download any ORPS report that matches your search criteria and save it to a file. To save the report, click File/Save as from your browser's main menu. Choose .txt (text) for your file format, enter a file name, and click Save.

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