The following table contains some potential user- or system-related problems you may encounter, along with some suggestions as to what may have caused the problem or how to resolve it. This list will be updated as required.

Problem or Error Message


There are problems with displaying tables in your browser. The most recent browser software releases provide the capability of viewing tables. It is recommended that you use Internet Explorer or Netscape Version 6.0 or higher.

Check with your computer support organization to see if they provide upgrades to the browser software. The latest versions of Internet Explorer and Netscape are available free of charge.

From the Data Entry system input form, some selection boxes or pop-up lists do not appear. This is most likely caused by a reduction in available system resources. Try closing other applications and, if necessary, save your work and close down and restart your browser. In some cases, however, Windows will not free up resources even after an application is closed.

After a period of time, the available resources may be reduced to the point that the input form will not display properly. To resolve this problem, save your report, close your browser and any other open applications, and reboot your computer. Reload your browser and open the draft report in the edit mode. The input form should now be displayed properly.

A workaround for this might be to reboot your machine (nightly, daily, or perhaps even before starting occurrence reporting tasks).

You can check your system's available resources by doing the following steps:
  1. Click on the Start button from your Window's Task bar.
  2. Select Settings, Control Panel.
  3. From the Window's Control, double click on the System icon to display the System Properties box.
  4. From there, select the Performance tab
One of the settings shown is system resources. We are seeing performance problems with the system resources are near or below 50%. Closing other applications and rebooting the machine will improve the system resources.

If you continue to experience system resource problems, you may consider trying to use an earlier version of Netscape. They may not tie up as many system resources.

Even though this problem appears to be particularly prevelent in Pentium 150 to Pentium 200 class machines running Windows 95, it should be noted that testing has been done with a low end machine (Pentium Laptop), logged in over a 28.8 Modem, through at least one network and traveling across the nation through many major and minor Network Operations Centers. No system resource problems appeared. Therefore, the system resource issue isn't just a hardware configuration; it also has to do with the applications you are running.

When some people experience the missing pop-up lists, they can get them to reappear by selecting About Netscape... from the browser HELP menu (like the Minimize/Maximize problem in CAIRS).
When tabbing from input field to input field within the Data Entry system, the cursor is not always obvious on the screen. Keep in mind that you may need to tab twice to move from a data field to the next data field because, at times, there are active hyperlinks in between the data fields. If there is an active hyperlink between two data fields, then you must tab from the first data field to the hyperlink and then tab again to the next data field. When tabbing to a hyperlink, there is a faint, dotted box outline around the link indicating the location of the cursor.
After submitting a report from the Data Entry system, it doesn't appear in the Edit list of reports to be updated. You used to have to view the non-final reports from the LIST NON-FINAL REPORTS listing and COPY them back into the workspace prior to editing or updating. An enhancement has been added so that Notification and Update reports are not deleted from the edit workspace. Therefore, the only reports that will exist under the LIST NON-FINAL REPORTS are the Rejected reports and reports that were DELETED from the data entry screen.
When validating an occurrence report from the Data Entry system, you received the error message: A REPORT FOR THIS FACILITY WITH THE SAME DISCOVERY DATE/TIME HAS ALREADY BEEN SUBMITTED. The system functions in this way to prevent duplicate submittals of occurrence reports. Only one occurrence may be entered at a single discovery date and time.
You receive an ODBC- related error message. Click on your browser's BACK tool, review your input for any mistakes or abnormalities, and try to execute your command again. If you receive the ODBC error again, make note of the exact error message, as well as the exact procedure you were using when the error was received. Call the Helpline at (800) 473-4375 to report the error message and request that they notify the programmers of said error message.
The file you saved is not in the correct format. The response of the browser when reports are saved to disk using the File, Save As feature will vary depending on browser type or even the version of a particular browser. The SAVE AS TYPE: selection will not always accurately define the file type.

However, in most cases, if a file is saved using the appropriate extension in the file name, the file will save correctly regardless of the file type selected. (Use the .TXT extension to save an ASCII text file or the .HTM extension to save the file with the HTML markup.)
A file type of Plain Text (*.txt) is not shown in the SAVE AS TYPE box. Some browsers will determine the file types available in the SAVE AS TYPE selection by the file types already existing in the destination directory. If a Plain Text type is not available, select All Files (*.*) and include the .TXT extension with the file name. The file should be saved in the proper format.
You receive the error message: LOGIC APPEARS TO BE INCOMPLETE. There is an incorrect entry into the Boolean logic specification box.
You receive the error message: ILLEGAL SYNTAX FOLLOWING NUMBER OR RIGHT PAREN. There is an incorrect entry into the Boolean logic specification box.
After entering a logical expression into the Boolean logic specification box, some of the selection boxes for elements included in the logic expression do not appear. The most probable cause is the lack of spaces between the field numbers and the operators. This could also be caused by using incorrect operators, such as using the comma and plus sign for AND and OR operators (as was done with the HP).
You receive the error message: ENTIRE DB CANNOT BE EDITED. Use the NEW command button and create a new search criteria.
When you refine your search, the previous choices you made in the selection boxes are not displayed. In some browsers (e.g., Internet Explorer and Netscape), when a page is loaded, the selection boxes are reset to display the top entries in the selection box. However, previous user selections are still highlighted and active (use the scroll bar to reveal the selections).
There is a statement at the top of my ORPS MANAGER or SEARCH and REPORTS page which says that "ORPS contains 47 OR(s) with 49 occurrences(s) as of 03/18/1999 10:45" but the next line says that the "Query selected 48 OR(s) with 50 occurrence(s)." The ORPS count is updated every 15 minutes while the Query count is real-time. This could account for the discrepancy. Someone could have submitted a report between 10:45 and the time of the query. There is a possibility that real-time ORPS counts may possibly be used in the future.
A query returned zero records during the process of refining or finishing a search including narrative fields. Some versions of Internet Explorer will allow you to start your narrative input on any line in the edit box. If the narrative is started on other than the first line, the blank line(s) at the top of the edit box will cause the query to return zero records.

Additionally, each time the query is refined, a blank line is again inserted at the top of the edit box, ahead of the text. This blank line must be removed before the query is again processed, either by refining or finishing, or the query will retrieve zero records.
You receive a READ ONLY message when attempting to open a saved report or an OR Download report. The READ ONLY message will be displayed if you attempt to open your report before it is completely saved and the browser has closed the file. Watch the status line in your browser and only open the file after the status line indicates the save is complete.
You receive a System Error when generating a report. You may be trying to generate a report file that is larger than what your computer system will handle. For most reports, the number of records returned for each browser page is controlled by the entry in the ITEMS/PAGE box on the ORPS Search and Reports page.

If the number is increased beyond the default of 10 items, or if page length is unrestricted by entering a "0" in the box, the resulting file size may exceed the limits of your hardware/software configuration, resulting in a system error.

The maximum number of records than can be successfully retrieved will depend on the type of report being generated as well as your particular hardware and software configuration.
You receive a SERVER ERROR message or an ORPS ERROR message after selecting a report from the ORPS Search and Reports page. You may be trying to select a report based on all records in the entire database (if Entire DB, the default search criteria, is selected). Only two types of reports can be generated using the Entire DB search criteria. Those are Distribution Reports and Graphics Reports.
A displayed occurrence report is incomplete and shows a "Transfer Interrupted" message. You have interrupted the transfer of an occurrence report from the server; therefore, the displayed report will be incomplete and will contain the "Transfer Interrupted" message. If you see the "Transfer Interrupted" message, click on the browser's RELOAD button to load a new and complete copy of the report from the server.
You receive a "Data Missing" error message while trying to print a report. You probably tried to print the report before the browser finished loading the entire report. Allow the document to fully load (watch the browser's status line) before trying to print a report.
Only the Header on an ORPS Report prints. If only the header on an ORPS Report prints, even though additional data shows on the screen, try reloading the current page and then print the page again. To reload the current page, click on the RELOAD tool on the browser Navigation Toolbar.
Some of the page or command buttons seem to disappear. However, if you click on the spot on the page where you know there is data (or a button), the data appears or the command button works. There is a problem with older browsers. If you MINIMIZE and MAXIMIZE the page, the problem is usually corrected. However, the preferred option is to download a newer version of your browser so that the problem does not reoccur. It is recommended that you use Netscape 4.08 or higher.

It is also important to note that if you choose to use Internet Explorer (the non-preferred browser), it is recommended that you use at least Internet Explorer, Version 4.01 or higher.

Check with your computer support organization to see if they provide upgrades to the browser software. The latest versions of both Netscape and Internet Explorer are available free of charge.
You can't get the Direct Access installation to work on your PC. If you have previously installed an older version of the Direct Access file, you will have to uninstall the existing drivers and reset configuration files on your PC before installing the new drivers. Please contact the Help Line to have someone walk you through the uninstall process.

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