AC Review (Classification) Date

This is the date when an Authorized Classifier determined that the occurrence report was unclassified. This field is required for all occurrence reports that are prepared by facilities where classified operations are conducted and classified information is generated.

This is not a searchable field - it is used only when creating occurrence reports.

Activity Category

The activity category describes the ongoing activity at the time of the occurrence. This field is required for all occurrence reports.

To specify values for this field, highlight it on the Specify New Database Search Criteria page. Click the Refine Search and Specify Values command button. Specify values for this field using the Activity Category selection box shown in the image below. To select more than one activity category for your search, hold down the ctrl key while making the selections. Note that OR logic is always applied whenever there are multiple selections within the selection box.

Activity Category Selection Box

Activity Categories are:

All Narrative

This selection from the Narrative selection box allows the user to search the following narrative fields simultaneously:

Specify the narrative using the All Narrative edit box on the ORPS OR Search Criteria page. Within the edit box, text can be searched by entering single words, or words/phrases combined with text operators.

Area Office

Note: Previously, Area Office was used as an Identification search field. However, the search field has been changed to Regional Office. Within the category of Regional Office, an occurrence report may still have a DOE Area Office associated with it.

Area offices are associated with Operations/ Field Offices. The organizational hierarchy also includes contractors and facilities. Occasionally an Area Office is reassigned to a different Field Office.

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