Narrative selection box

The Narrative selection box is located on the Specify New Database Search Criteria page. Narrative searches allow you to enter a word or block of text into an edit box and search for that text in a particular field throughout the database. This box allows you to specify the following fields for further search refinement:

  1. All Narrative
  2. Subject / Title
  3. Originator Title
  4. FM Title
  5. Plant Area
  6. Division or Project
  7. System / Bldg / Equip
  8. Operating Condition(s)
  9. Occurrence Description
  10. Immediate Action(s)
  11. Cause Description
  12. FM Evaluation
  13. Corrective Action(s)
  14. CA Date Justification
  15. ES&H Impact
  16. Programmatic Impact
  17. Codes / Stds Impact
  18. Lesson(s) Learned
  19. Similar Occurrence(s)
  20. User Field #1
  21. User Field #2
  22. FR Input
  23. PM Input
  24. Subcontractor Name

Note that if nothing is selected, the default is No selection.

Nature of Occurrence (Reporting Criteria)

Occurrences are categorized into Reporting Criteria groupings. These groupings are generic and relate to DOE operations. This field is required for all occurrence reports. Each report must include all reporting criteria that pertain to the event.

From the Specify New Database Criteria page, specify Reporting Criteria values using the Reporting Criteria selection boxes, shown below. Note that because the Reporting Criteria/Nature of Occurrence field has different values for data entered on or after the ORPS redesign, two NOC selection boxes are provided. The left selection box applies to data created prior to the ORPS redesign. The right selection box applies to data created after the ORPS redesign using the new interface.

Nature of Occurrence Selection Box

Note that OR logic is always applied when there are multiple selections within a selection box.

New Search Profile

To create new search criteria, select the Specify New Database Search Criteria link on the ORPS Search and Reports menu.

The Specify New Database Criteria page will be displayed as shown below. From this page, you may select the search specifications you wish to include in a new search profile.

Searchable fields are displayed in the Identification,Chronology, and Narrative selection boxes. The default selection in all three selection boxes is No Selection. Fields selected from the selection boxes will, by default, have the Boolean operator AND applied between the fields.

Specify New ORPS Search Criteria

To exclude Cancelled, UCNI, or USEC material, click the appropriate checkbox. Selected exclusions will be saved with the new search profile.

Information on the page is processed by selecting one of the following command buttons:

Command ButtonFunction
Refine Search and Specify Values:Select this command button to define specific values for selected fields. for example, if you select Report Year as one of your search criteria, Refine Search allows you to select the specific year or range of years. Select this command button again (after you have specified specific values) to display the number of ORs retrieved using the selected search criteria.
Review Individual Records from Result Set: Select this command button to generate a list of records that were retrieved using your search criteria. From the generated list, you can select the records to include or exclude in your profile.
Display search criteria textually:Select this command button to generate a text version of your search criteria (no images). The criteria will be displayed in Boolean logic format.
Finished searching, go to report options: Select this command button to go directly to the report options page. Note: You should always select Refine Search and Specify Values to display the number of search results prior to displaying the report options.
Save this search criteria as a profile:Select this command button to go to the Saved Search Criteria (Search Profiles) page. This page allows you to save your selected search criteria as a profile, or to perform searches using previously saved profiles.
Specify New Database Search Criteria:Select this command button to clear your selections and start a new search.

Notification Report Date/Time

This is the date and time the notification report was transmitted to the centralized computer.

To specify the date and time, first select the field from the Specify New Database Search Criteria page. Then click the Refine Search and Specify Values command button. Use the selection boxes and check boxes to select a date and time or range of dates/times.

Notification Report Date and Time Selection Boxes

Number of Occurrences

This is the number of occurrences in an occurrence report.

To specify a value for this field, first highlight the field on the Specify New Database Search Criteria page. Then click the Refine Search and Specify Values command button. Using the Number of Occurrences selection box, specify a number or range of numbers. To specify a range, select the < and > radio buttons. To specify an exact number, select =. Note that this field is used to search on data created prior to the ORPS redesign.

Number of Occurrences Edit Box

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