ORPS User Defined Reports

To create a User Defined report:

  1. Select User Defined from the Report type selection box on the Report Options screen.

  2. Click the Prepare Report command button.

    The User Defined Report page will be displayed, as shown below.

    User Defined Report Selection Screen
    User Defined Reports screen

The table below provides instructions for completing the fields of the User Defined Reports screen:

User Defined Report Screen
Use an existing user defined format Select a report format name from the dropdown menu, in the event that you have saved a User Defined report.
Go to my saved user defined formatsGo to the top of the screen where the User Defined Report Format Selection dropdown menu is located. Select a saved report format from the dropdown menu. The saved search criteria will be displayed on the User Defined Report screen.
Enter an optional titleEnter a report title. After you have defined your search criteria and saved your report, this title will appear in the User Defined Report Format Selection dropdown menu so you can reuse it.
User Defined Report Items Select report items from the User Defined Report Items list by clicking the checkbox to the left of a field name. The selected fields will appear on your User Defined report. To exclude items from your report, do not checkmark them.
Manual Item Number entry field As an alternative to using the checkboxes, you may enter the User Defined Report Item Numbers in the desired order, separated by commas.
Clear SelectionClears all selections from the User Defined Report Items list.
Prepare Report (Click to Generate Report)Generates the list of reports meeting the user-defined criteria.
Go to my User Defined Formats Command Button This command button will take you to the top of the screen to the User Defined Report Selection dropdown menu. Select a saved format from this menu to display the User Defined Report screen with saved criteria checkmarked.
Return to Report OptionsReturn to the ORPS Report Options screen.

To create a User Defined Report from a saved report format:

  1. Highlight a user defined report format from the User Defined Report Formats Selection dropdown menu, shown below:

    ORPS Saved Report Formats Dropdown Menu
    Saved User-Defined Report Formats Dropdown Menu

  2. Select the Go to my Saved User Defined Formats command button.

    The ORPS User Defined Reports selection screen will be displayed with your saved report criteria already selected.

  3. To create a report from the saved format, select the Prepare Report command button. Below is an example of a user defined report. In this example, selected fields included Facility Name, Facility Function, Lab/Site/Org, Facility Manager, Nature of Occurrence, Originator, and Report Type.

    ORPS User Defined Report Example
    Sample of a User Defined Report

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