Spell Checking During Data Entry

All edit boxes on the ORPS Data Entry form may be spell checked using the ORPS spell-checking utility. To spell check an entry, make sure the cursor is in the field you wish to check, and click the Spell Check link. The following message will be displayed: "Performing Spell Check." When the spell check is complete, the ORPS Spell Check Utility screen will be displayed and will list all misspelled words along with suggestions for correcting them. Select a suggestion from the list and click the Replace button to correct the spelling. If you wish to replace all instances of the misspelling, click the Replace All command button. In the event that you wish to leave an entry as it is, click the Ignore or Ignore All command buttons. When the spell check is complete, click Finish. The Spell Checker screen will close, and the entry will appear with corrected spelling.

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