ORPS Main Menu

To access the ORPS Main Menu:

  1. Activate a Web browser, and enter http://www.hss.energy.gov/index.cfm into the address field. The Office of Health, Safety and Security (HSS) home page will be displayed.

  2. Under the HSS Quick Reference menu (located on the right side of the page), click the HSS Reporting Databases link. The menu will open and display a list of reporting databases.

  3. Click the ORPS link. The ORPS Web site will be displayed (http://www.hss.energy.gov/CSA/orps.html).

  4. Under the Occurrence Reporting and Processing System menu, click the ORPS Database Access link (located on the left side of the page). The ORPS login dialog box will be displayed.

  5. Enter your user ID and password. If you do not have a valid user account, you must complete an ORPS User Registration Form. The ORPS Main Menu screen will be displayed, as shown below:

    ORPS Main Menu Screen
    ORPS Main Menu

    Note: The image above is the screen that a Facility Manager will see. You will only see the menu options pertinent to your user role.

  6. Select one of the following links to go to a specific ORPS module:

    Daily Occurrence ReportsThis link is available to all ORPS users. Click this link to retrieve a page of Occurrence Reports arranged by day.
    Data EntryThis menu selection is available to Facility Managers Only. Click this link to go to the ORPS Data Entry module to edit existing reports or create new reports. Note: The context-sensitive online help for ORPS Data Entry is available from within the data entry module only. It is not available to users through the ORPS online help main menu.
    FM, FR, and PM FunctionsThe management functions are available to Facility Managers, Facility Representatives, and Program Managers only. Click this link to go to the ORPS Management function to view and manage the progress of corrective actions, and to generate reports on reports of interest to a particular facility or program office.
    Search and ReportsThis selection is available to all users. Click this link to go to the Search and Reports main menu to develop new search criteria or search through ORPS reports using saved search profiles.
    AuthoritiesThis selection is available to all users, but only authorized persons may edit the authority file. Click this link to edit the ORPS Authorities file or to develop authority search criteria and generate the ORPS Authority and Facility report.
    TrainingThis selection is available to all users. Click this link to obtain access to a training database to be used for practice and learning the system. Select a training level that corresponds to the level of your user ID.
    Change PasswordThis selection is available to all users. Click this link to bring up a page where you can change your ORPS password. You must create passwords that conform to the ORPS password guidance, provided on the Change Password page.
    HQ KeywordsThis selection is available only to authorized headquarters personnel who will assign ORPS report keywords. Click this link to review, create, and modify HQ keywords.
    HelpThis selection is available to all users. Click this link to go to the ORPS online help.

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