ORPS Search and Reports Menu

To access the ORPS Search and Reports menu:

  1. Select Search and Reports from the ORPS main menu.

    The Search Main Menu screen will be displayed, as shown below:

    ORPS Search and Reports Main Menu Screen
    ORPS Search and Reports Main Menu

    The Search and Reports main menu screen contains the following options:

    Search on Occurrence Report Numbers -- Perform a search on a specific OR Number or range of OR Numbers. Use this search if you know the OR Numbers you are looking for.
    Specify New Database search Criteria -- Perform a search on selected Identification, Chronology, and Narrative fields.
    Search Using my Saved Profiles -- Perform a search using saved search criteria.
    Create Distribution Reports on Entire Database -- Generate distribution reports on the entire contents of the ORPS database without defining search criteria to narrow your results.

  2. Select one of these option to go to a specific Search and Reports module.

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