ORPS Occurrence Report Number Search

To access the ORPS Occurrence Report Number Search screen:

  1. Select Search on Occurrence Report Number from the Search and Reports main menu.

    The ORPS Occurrence Report Number Search screen will be displayed, as shown below:

    ORPS Occurrence Report Number Search Screen
    OR Number Search Page

    NOTE: OR Numbers are sometimes modified due to changes in Field Office names or hierarchy. Often, users will have the original OR Numbers but may not have the current (modified) versions. ORPS now allows you to search original versions of OR Numbers, which have been mapped to current versions.

  2. To search current OR Numbers only, proceed to the next step. To perform a search using old versions of OR Numbers, select the Search Previous OR Numbers Only radio button.

  3. Select search criteria from the FO (Field Office), AO (Area Office), CONT (Contractor), FAC (Facility), and YEAR scrolling lists. To select more than one item from a scrolling list, hold down the Ctrl key as you click. To include all possible selections select Any. Then enter a sequence number into the NUM field.

    Alternatively, you may fill in the Boolean Logic Specification: This box can be used to enter search criteria manually. By default, fields selected from the selection boxes have the Boolean operator AND applied between the selection box(es). The Boolean Logic Specification edit box can be used to specify the OR and NOT operators (or a combination of all three operators) between fields. Example: (2 AND 4 AND 5) AND 6 AND (42 and 43) will search on Identification fields 2 and 4 and 5, Chronology field 6, and Narrative fields 42 and 43, To erase entries from the text boxes, click the Clear Text Boxes command button.

  4. When you have finished making selections, click the Add to List command button. Your selections will be listed as shown below:

    OR Number Search page expanded to show search list

  5. To delete any search criteria from the list, click the Delete checkbox and then click the Delete from List command button. To delete all your search criteria, select Delete All from List.
Once you have finished defining your search criteria, you can:

For assistance with the OR Number Search screen, refer to the table below.

Search on Occurrence Report Number Field and Command Button Definitions
Search Previous OR Numbers Only (Radio Button)In the past several years, modifications have been made periodically to the Occurrence Report (OR) Number. Select this radio button to search for Occurrence Reports by their original numbers that they had prior to these modifications.
Search Current OR Numbers Only Radio Button Select this radio button to search for occurrence reports by their new numbers that they were assigned after the OR Number modifications.
Search Both Radio Button Select this radio button to search for occurrence reports using both original and modified OR Numbers.
FO (Field Office)Select one or more Field Offices from the Field Office scrolling list. To select more than one item from a scrolling list, hold down the Ctrl key as you click the selections.
AO (Area Office)Select one or more Area Offices from the Area Office scrolling list.
CONT (Contractor)Select one or more Contractor(s) from the Contractor scrolling list.
FAC (FacilitySelect one or more facilities from the Facilities scrolling list.
Text BoxesIn the event that you wish to enter OR numbers manually, you may do so using the text boxes.
Clear Text BoxesTo clear entries in the text boxes, select the Clear Text Boxes button.
Add to List Once you have either selected an OR number range using the scrolling lists or entered an OR number manually using the text boxes, select Add to List to add them to the List of Selected Occurrence Report Numbers.
List of Selected Report NumbersThis area displays all the Occurrence Report Numbers that have been selected using the above procedures.
Delete from List If you wish to delete a selection from the List of Selected Report Numbers, click the checkbox next to the OR number, and click Delete from List.
This Search Excludes Cancelled, UCNI, USECClick the checkbox beside Cancelled, UCNI, or USEC to exclude any of these categories from your search results.
Command Buttons
Refine Search and Specify ValuesClick this button to determine how many ORs have been retrieved using your search criteria. If this number is too high, it is recommended that you narrow the search and speed up response times by adding more search criteria.. If the number is too small, remove some search criteria and broaden the scope of your search.
Review Individual Records from Result Set Click this button to review individual Occurrence Reports that match the selected report criteria.
Display Search Criteria TextuallyClick this button to display the search criteria in text format (no tables).
Save My Search Criteria as a Profile Click this button to save your search criteria as a profile. Saved search criteria may be retrieved at a later date to perform similar searches. The Save Search Criteria screen is shown in Figure 9. Enter a name into the Save Profile As field and click the Save Profile As button. The Profile name will appear in the Available Profiles field.
Finished Searching Go to Report OptionsClick this button to complete the search and generate a report from your search criteria.
Specify New Database Search Criteria Click this button to go to the New Database Search Criteria screen.

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